About "Deathclock"

Deathclock was an idea I had several years ago to view life expectancy versus current age as a progress bar, similar to one you would see while downloading a file from the internet or expanding a .zip file. It was also an opportunity for me to try out some basic Javascript on a custom webpage (my software abilities are mostly relegated to backend development, like databases).

In its current form, the only variable element of the deathclock is my age. The current "end" of the progress bar is fixed to the average life expectancy of a white male in the US born in 1992 (according to Wolfram|Alpha). In the future, I think it would be interesting to add some more real-life feedback into the end-of-life calculation, using more personalized biomedical risk factors (especially if it could change the length of the progress bar in real time).

It would also be cool to develop another version of the deathclock for other people to use (if they're brave enough) where they would input some basic info - sex, birthdate, race/ethnicity - and have a progress bar generated. Such an interactive tool could be interesting, also, because it would allow people to explore in a very visible, tangible way, how various traits and socioeconomic factors can influence life expectancy; there's almost limitless possibility for what kind of data you could input to the model (just ask an actuary).

Maybe someday I'll have the time to work on these other deathclock variants... I hope ;)