The sheet music below is a selection of original compositions, transcriptions, and arrangements. All the sheet music included on this page has been created by me and is free to download and use. In many cases, I've also transposed these songs into other concert keys (C, Bb, Eb, etc.) so if you'd like to get the sheet music to one of the compositions or arrangements in a different key than the one provided on this page, let me know.

"Carol of the Bells", instrumental jazz arrangement, based on a transcription of Dave Benoit's rendition of the same song.

"Come Together", choral a cappella arrangement for SATBB.

"Do It Again", lead sheet arrangement, inspired by a rendition of the same song by the Philippe Saisse Trio.

"Heavy in Your Arms", choral a cappella arrangement, for SATBB.

"Hey Arnold" Theme Song, instrumental jazz lead sheet, transcribed from the intro theme to the Nickelodeon TV show.

"Time of the Season", choral a cappella arrangement, for SATBB.