Magnitude and Direction, Issue #17 | 5 Oct 2018

Hardware, Prototyping, and Fabrication

🏓 This robot can juggle a ping pong ball way better than you. Find out how in this blog post.

👨‍💻 General Motors is officially the 'first North American automaker to implement the generative design solution' offered by Autodesk.  With generative design, the company engineers input requirements and allow the AI to iterate and narrow down solutions through testing simulations, ultimately providing a truly Computer-Aided design solution set. (via Industrial Evolution)

💥 This page is in Russian, but you don't need to understand that language to appreciate the skill and talent of the Weld Queen.

💓 This T-shirt gives people the ability to see into your chest cavity and watch your heart beat.

🆒 Protolabs has a VERY nice 3D printing setup at the North Carolina production plant.

🔧 Metal 3D printing gets a little bit easier.

Software and Programming

🕹 A spreadsheet of all the ways AI has thought outside the box in order to beat testing games.

🖱 As memes become ever more dank many top memers argue design software isn't keeping up. Personally, I refute this claim and encourage all aspiring meme lords to download PAINT.NET (sorry it's only for PC, it's not my fault you chose the wrong OS).

👨🏾‍💻 The code that crashed the world.

🕴 It's never been easier for bad actors to get in through backdoors on the internet.  A raspberry pi and the Pi-hole software help make it harder.

🤖 If you're clever enough to automate your job, who gets to reap the benefits (or take the blame?)

Science, Engineering, and Biomedicine

🦕 It turns out that dinosaurs may have felt the same way about Chanel No. 5 as we do.

☄ This 3D map of the solar system is like a long-term forecast for meteor showers.

🐜 Do you ever smell something and instantly get transported back to a distant memory? Desert ants seem to do it, too.

Mapping, History, and Data Science

📸 In case you were wondering, there is no originality on Instagram.

🖼 SlideShare Gems looks like an automatic meme generator, but I assure you all of the content was (unfortunately) crafted by humans for serious purposes.

🛳 There are a LOT of boats on the ocean right now.

🗺 Like all other forms of digital media, maps can also go viral. Unlike many other forms of digital media, though, we inherently place a certain amount of trust in maps. When we accept a map's claims without verifying its source, however, we can be lead to false, and sometimes even harmful, conclusions.

👮🏿‍♀️ If you're gonna complain to the TSA, make sure it's about something that happened at a checkpoint.

🧐 Lots of urban myths and legends are just that - myths. Find out what facts are actually falsehoods with this cool, interactive graphic.

📊 118 years ago W.E.B. Du Bois led an all-black team of data scientists in an effort to catalog and visualize the state of African Americans for the 1900 Paris Exposition, a mere 37 years after the end of American slavery via the Emancipation Proclamation. The various charts, graphs, and maps provide a detailed socioeconomic picture and are all the more impressive when you consider they were done by hand without any of the digital tools we use for similar visualizations today.

Events and Opportunities

In the words of Samuel L. Jackson in Jurassic Park, "hang on to your butts...":

  • Wednesday, 10/10 It's time to get spooky as Biology on Tap hosts Spooky Science at The Way Station.

  • Thursday, 10/11 The NY Hardware Meetup is pulling out all the stops for their 50th meetup, featuring hardware startups that have gone the distance and made their exits.

  • Thursday, October 11 Meet, connect, and mingle with some of the best entrepreneurs, innovators, and artists in the Brooklyn area at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP’s five year anniversary!

  • Friday - Sunday, 10/12-14 Get your chance to explore some of New York's historical and architectural treasures that are typically closed to the public at Open House New York.

  • Saturday, 10/13 Music Community Lab (formerly known as Monthly Music Hackathons) will be having their next hackathon on the topic of music education.

  • Saturday, 10/13 Head down to the Brooklyn Navy Yard to celebrate New Lab's second birthday party at one of the biggest startup parties of the year.

  • Saturday, 10/13 If you're interested in using tech to solve some of the biggest problems facing NYC transit and urban planning, then the TransportationCamp NYC un-conference might be for you.

  • Monday, 10/15 GRO Biotech and post-academia jobs platform Scismic team up for a career building event at Mount Sinai. Space is limited so RSVP ASAP!

  • Monday, 10/15 Life science vendors from all over the Tri-State area will gather at the New York Genome Center for a first-of-its kind expo geared towards scientists looking for industry collaborations and networking opportunities.

  • Tuesday, 10/16 The Secret Science Club gathers at The Bell House once again for a presentation on math, logic, and riddles.

  • Tuesday, 10/16 URBAN-X and 100 Resilient Cities come together at A/D/O for an informal celebration of our love and commitment to the world’s cities.  Entrepreneurs, city officials, civic leaders and other key stakeholders will come together to address an important question: how might we better support cities in embracing change?

  • Wednesday, 10/17 Ken Pilot, the former president of Gap, sits down with RobotLab for their next meetup to discuss the emergence of robotics in the retail ecosystem.

  • Wednesday, 10/17 The NYC Transit Techies will gather for their 4th time over at Sidewalk Labs in the Hudson Yards.

  • Wednesday, 10/17 The Mount Sinai Innovators Group (which I help run) is hosting media tech accelerator The Combine for a lunch and learn info session at Mount Sinai. The meeting will be from noon to 1pm in the Center for Innovation and Discovery.

  • Wednesday, 10/17 GRO Biotech, JLABS, and longevity venture fund AGE1 team up for a special seminar to discuss aging research, biotech entrepreneurship, and therapeutics development.

  • Thursday, 10/18 The next Mid-Atlantic BioAngels 1st Pitch competition will be held at Weill Cornell Medicine.

  • Thursday, 10/18 The Futureworks Incubator for advanced manufacturing startups is hitting the road to promote its upcoming cohort. Join them at Electropositive to meet the team, chat with incubator alumni, and learn more about the program.

  • Friday - Sunday, 10/19-10/21 Mount Sinai is holding it's 3rd Annual Health Hackathon, with a focus this year on rare diseases. Registration is closing soon, so be sure to do so ASAP. Winning projects will receive over $2000 in prizes!

Some other upcoming events to keep on your radar...

  • Saturday, 10/20 Interested in what the future of biomedical innovation holds? Want to meet the rest of the NYC biotechnology community? Then check out the 2018 Future of Care conference at the Rockefeller University.

  • Tuesday & Wednesday, 10/23-10/24 Mount Sinai holds their annual SinaInnovations conference focusing on breakthroughs in translational medicine and innovative biomedical technologies.

  • Wednesday & Thursday, 10/24-25 The Life Science Summit is currently looking for graduate students and postdocs to volunteer at their annual meeting in NYC. In return, you get to attend the conference for free (which would cost ~$600 otherwise) and have the opportunity to network with industry executives, academic innovators, biotech investors andprofessional advisors. Email Kate Hutchinson by October 3rd if you're interested in volunteering. Include your name, academic affiliation, email address, mailing address, phone number, and days/times you are available.

  • Thursday 10/25 Running concurrent with their annual meeting, the Galien Forum (also known as the Nobel of pharma) is holding a MedStartUp program to foster innovative collaborations between the private sector and academia.

  • Thursday, 10/25 JLABS @ NYC is fully up and running and hosting tons of events to bring together the NYC biotech startup community. Their next event is a special mixer for entrepreneurs and innovators.

  • Thursday, 10/25 Join Futureworks at the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center for Publication to Profit: an evening with researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry specialists discussing their experiences andstrategies to commercialization of their products.

  • Thursday, 11/1 New Lab and JLABS team up to present a new quarterly discussion series: Existential Medicine. The first edition will focus on regenerative medicine and feature some of the notable biotech companies in the NYC area working on growing organs. RSVP using code "NewLab2018"

  • Saturday, 11/3 Hot Glass Cold Beer returns to Gowanus glass-blowing shop Brooklyn Glass. For the $25 admission, you get a hand-made glass, unlimited beer, and arguably more access to the shop than you should (please do not burn yourself).

  • Friday, 11/16 SciViz NYC, a design and data visualization conference unlike any other, returns for its 3rd year at Mount Sinai. A melding of science, art, and design, I can't recommend this conference enough.

  • Ongoing: Check out the Futureworks Ops21 courses being offered on the latest trends in advanced manufacturing.

Map of the Month

🍂 Fall is here. Find out when the trees will start changing colors near you.

Odds & Ends

🏢 WeWork has now passed JP Morgan Chase as the biggest office tenant in New York City.