Magnitude and Direction, Issue #11 | 13 Jul 2018

Hardware, Prototyping, and Fabrication

🛠 There aren't many 13 year olds I'd give free reign to in a woodshop, but Caitlan Davis is one of them.

💥 Like Glowforge and Dremel, Beambox is another contented in the quickly-crowding personal laser cutter market. They seem to have a pretty nice set of features, but I think their most differentiating factor might be their Kickstarter Video.

📱 Why protect your phone with a bulky case when you can just equip it with a reusable "airbag"?

🍚 The world's smallest computer can fit on the edge of a grain of rice.


Software and Programming

🔮 Read the performance review for TED-5000728 a customer service bot from the future.

😴 Facebook can be a minefield of spoilers for anyone who's a little behind on a series, so now you can snooze keywords to avoid those nasty spoilers.


Science, Engineering, and Biomedicine

😒 Bored? 😴 Falling into a monotonous routine? Try eating your popcorn 🍿  with chopsticks and drinking water like a cat 🙀.

🇦🇺 What can the nipples of 63 Austrailian undergraduates tell us about evolutionary biology?

🖨 United Therapeutics, a company that makes its money selling drugs to treat lung diseases, wants to put themselves out of business by 3D printing replacement lungs instead.

🎡 It's carnival season and that means carnival games. If it feel like they're a little *too* hard to win, you're not wrong. This video breaks down the science of carnival game scams and how to beat them.


Mapping and Data Science

🌍 Where are Europe's refugees?

🇧🇪 This map of the colonial ambitions of Leopold I of Belgium will first make you say "what was he thinking?" and then, after you remember what he and his son Leopold II did in the Congo, "good thing all of that didn't come to pass". some point, you might also wonder "Texas???".

🌌 The atmosphere is not as thick as you might think.


Events and Opportunities

It almost feels like we're making up for the small number of events over the last two weeks because there's a lot coming at you in the second half of July.

  • Monday, 7/16 Check out some of the coolest outdoors-based mapping projects at Geo NYC's next meetup.
  • Tuesday, 7/17 Let your creativity flow at the Composition Lab, an improvised-music composition and performance event hosted by the Monthly Music Hackathon Group.
  • Wednesday, 7/18 Learn what it takes to make it as a UX researcher at startup hub Galvanize.
  • DEADLINE: Wednesday, 7/18 The I-Corps program run by the NSF is a great way to kickstart the development of a new business or technology. To qualify for the national program and the $50K in non-dilutive funding that comes along with it, the regional node in New York City runs a short course of the I-Corps program. Apply for the regional program here.
  • Thursday, 7/19 Join GRO-Biotech for their annual summer networking happy hour, hosted by Riverpark at the Alexandria Center.
  • Saturday, 7/21 Enjoy everything from an insect petting zoo to medical oddities at the Mid-Summer Oddities flea market at the Brooklyn Bazaar ($20 if you want presale admission, $5 for GA)
  • Tuesday, 7/24 Head over to DUMBO for their monthly Innovators Meet-up, a monthly mixer highlighting innovative companies in DUMBO, Brooklyn
  • Tuesday, 7/24 Healthcare is often neglected when it comes to good design. The Design for Healthcare meetup group is aiming to change that at their inaugural meetup event.
  • 7/24 & 7/25 Demystifying Data Science is a free, online conference for aspiring data scientists and others interested in learning more about the field.
  • Wednesday, 7/25 NY Hardware Massive will be discussing the lean startup methodology and how to apply it to hardware startups in order to get the best chance at success.
  • Tuesday, 7/31 It's still a few weeks away, but the Made in NY Media Center will be hosting an event on women in media and tech startupsfeaturing a panel of founders from emerging companies.


Map of the Month

🌅 Manhattanhenge 2018 just wrapped up on the 12th. Don't let next year's take you by surprise. (Plus, find out when every other "henge" takes place).


Odds & Ends

🐢 Meet Timothy, the oldest surviving veteran of the Crimean War who also happened to be a mis-gendered tortoise.