Magnitude and Direction, Issue #28 | 8 Mar 2019

Hardware, Prototyping, and Fabrication

👟 Remember those self-lacing sneakers I wrote about a few issues back? Well an update to the connected android app has now rendered them useless.Who would've thought there'd come a time when we had to worry about updating the software on our SHOES?

🅱ig Ⓜ⭕⭕d 😤 We already knew Australia was a cool place, but now they're taking steps to become even cooler, by letting motorists put emojis on their license plates.

📱📏 You can have a phone that lasts a week without charing... as long as you don't mind it being a little under 3/4" thick.

💣 Usually technological innovations that "democratize" things are good. In the case of bombs, though, Kalashnikov can definitely avoid "democratizing" those with their new kamikaze-bomb-drone concept.

Software and Programming

👩🏻‍💻 This Wall Street Journal writer got herself hacked so you don't have to.

🙃 Have you ever wanted to turn your selfies into mosaics made of emojis? Of course you have! And now you can!

⚖ Emojis: the next legal frontier. (Lots of emoji content in this issue, and I didn't even plan that)

📸 Not quite like anything I've ever come across before, Magic Lantern is free and open-source software that expands the capabilities of Cannon Eos cameras, and runs directly from the SD/CF card.

Science, Engineering, and Biomedicine

💘➖💔 This is the math behind Tinder's algorithm.

🎇 Visualizations of the amount of time it takes light to travel around the worldto the Moon, and to Mars.

🎶 If you're a fan of The Infinite Jukebox like I am, you might not want to read this article about how listening to music can actually hamper your creativity.

Mapping, History, and Data Science

📰 The Lifespan of News Stories is a collaboration between Schema, Google, and Axios to track how long news stories stay in the public view, mapping out a kind of half-life for information.

🚶🏽‍♂️🚦🚗💨 Don't try to cross the street in Florida.

🐊 The "Alligators in the Sewers" NYC urban legend can trace its history back to an article published by the New York Times on February 9, 1935, but a new investigation from the Manhattan Borough Historian indicates that it's more than likely this story wasn't just an urban legend but an occurrence that actually happened in East Harlem 84 years ago.

📊 A while back I shared a GIF of Manhattan's population over time that gave the island the appearance of a living, breathing creature. Now here's the dataviz tool for you to play around with yourself.

🚘 A visualization of car collisions in NYC over the past 7 years.

⏱ Using some cool timelapse technology from Carnegie Mellon's CREATE Lab, Google Earth Engine is like normal google earth except it's also a 32-year long timelapse showing how the Earth has changed since 1984.

Events and Opportunities

Boy oh boy, the events just keep on coming... and I'm even personally involved in some of them!

  • TONIGHT Join the NY Nanotech meetup for their next event featuring a tech talk on recent advances in solar cells, followed by science trivia!

  • Friday - Sunday, 3/8-3/10 The 2nd Annual Washington Heights Jazz Festival features musicians who live and work in Washington Heights and is happening at a bunch of venues between 181st and 187th streets.

  • Monday, 3/11 I along with four of my fellow graduate students at Mount Sinai will be at the El Barrio Art Space telling short stories related, in one way or another, to the brain as part of  NYC brain week.

  • Monday, 3/11 Mount Sinai represents at a *second* Brain Week event with two presentations on the neurobiology of addiction happening at Taste of Science's next event.

  • Monday, 3/11 The Data Through Design exhibit concludes with a multi-disciplinary panel discussion at New Lab about proxies and the nature of data representations.

  • Tuesday, 3/12 In high tech fields, it can be tough to put together a strong pitch deck without also giving away your secret sauce. To help provide some guidance about how to gain investment without losing your tech, JLABS, Mount Sinai, and Golden Seeds are coming together to host a session on how to craft a non-confidential pitch deck.

  • Tuesday, 3/12 New York BioLabs hosts Dr. Miguel Sanjuan, a group director in the immune oncology department at Bristol-Myers-Squibb, for a discussion about how to channel innovative science into novel medicines.

  • Wednesday, 3/13 The next ECHO bio-entrepreneurship happy hour gathering will be over at Launch Labs in the Alexandria Center for Life Sciences.

  • Wednesday, 3/13 The third edition of JLABS x New Lab seminar series Existential Medicine returns to New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard to discuss the future of genetic engineering. Use code NewLab2019 to register.

  • Monday, 3/18 The Mid Atlantic Bio Angels hold their first 1st Pitch event of 2019 at Columbia University.

  • Monday, 3/18 The Secret Science Club meets at the Bell House in Brooklyn to discuss emotions, both human and animal.

  • Tuesday, 3/19 The 55th Hardware Startup meetup is shaping up to be one of the greats, with Women Who Hardware co-organizing and The Prepared hosting at their new Brooklyn headquarters.

  • Wednesday, 3/20 The Transit Techies meet up for their 7th time with presentations about detecting delays, mapping travel routes, and much more!

  • Wednesday, 3/20 The SciArt group holds their next informal, cross-disciplinary networking happy hour down at their usual haunt, Peculier Pub.

  • Friday & Saturday, 3/22-23 The CUNY LifeSci meetup group is hosting a healthcare hackathon and pre-hackathon workshops and networking reception at LaGuardia College in Queens.

Some other upcoming events to keep on your radar...

  • Monday, 3/25 The NYC Startup Community meetup group is teaming up with a bunch of other groups for a big networking party at the Elsie rooftop.

  • Thusday 3/28 JLABS @ NYC hosts members of the local biotech and startup communities at their March Innovators and Entrepreneurs mixer.

  • DUE 3/29 NYC's advanced manufacturing initiative Futureworks is offering a paid, 3-month long fellowship program for engineers and industrial designers looking to transition into full-time positions at one of New York's emerging manufacturing technology firms.

  • Friday, 4/5 CUNY hosts their 5th TEDx conference at John Jay College with the theme of "What Matters to You?".

  • Tuesday, 4/9 The NYC Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners meetup group will gather at the WeWork on 5th Ave for coffee and conversation.

  • Wednesday, 4/10 Come see some of New York's most promising life science startups pitch their innovations at the 7th annual pitch day to wrap up this year's ELab NYC accelerator program.

  • Tuesday, 4/23 Mark your calendars now for the 4th Annual GRO Your Career life sciences conference at Columbia University (and yes, I am helping organize this event). A wide array of professionals from industries directly and indirectly related to the life sciences will be giving talks and participating in panel discussions, with lots of opportunities for networking.

  • May 3-5 MIT is holding their 2019 Grand Hack, one of the biggest medical hackathons in the world that has spawned several successful companies over its history. Applications to participate are due by April 17th!

Map of the Month

📏 The True Size Of... will settle once and for all the question "how big is Greenland?"

Odds & Ends

🔧👻👺👹 Re-engineering the Scare Floor at Monsters Inc.