Magnitude and Direction, Issue #8 | 1 Jun 2018

Hardware, Prototyping, and Fabrication

🗜 April Wilkerson's ultimate workbench is what we should all aspire to.

🎰 Get disappointed whenever you want by building your own claw game at home.


Software and Programming

💰 The SEC made a fake cryptocurrency to warn people about the risks of getting involved in fraudulent ICOs.

  • Sure, I get the whole "buyer beware" thing, and there are ICOs (just like traditional crowdfunding campaigns) that are a scam, but what the SEC has set up just seems like doing something bad to you so you won't do it again, rather than cautioning you at the start so you don't do it in the first place.

〰 The Stuxnet worm was designed to secretly, and autonomously sneak past every software defense known, infiltrate and destroy a nation's nuclear weapons program, and can't be removed without replacing not only the control and monitoring computers, but also the computers built into the uranium centrifuges. It is, quite likely, the most advanced software ever written.

🎨 Ui Goodies has put all your front-end design needs and resources in one easy-to-access location. This the one of the best collections of free design andsoftware tools I've ever come across. Heck, it's one of the best collections of anything I've come across.


Science, Engineering, and Biomedicine

🐙 Researchers at Rutgers have 3D printed an electroactive hydrogel that can move around underwater like a tiny octopus.

👁 Cataracts and other occluding eye diseases are one step closer to being a thing of the past, as a team of scientists in the UK have 3D printed the first cornea.

🚹 What happened to men 7,000 years ago that left their Y chromosomes in an (even more decrepit) state?


Mapping and Data Science

🔗 US Customs and Border Patrol maintains a 100-mile border within the actual US border in which they have enhanced capacity to access private property and establish checkpoints. Although the intent of this border zone on paper is to serve as a buffer for any malcontents that sneak past, it also puts the vast majority of the US population and most of its major cities within this region of special powers. Furthermore, over 70% of the minority population of the US lives within this region. If you're interested in learning some more about this region, CityLab has a great article about it.

🎶 Want to get the pulse of the global economy? Analyze Spotify streaming data.

🌁 A Glassdoor analysis of the cities American move to and from for work paints a vivid picture of the forces of attraction and repulsion in the US intercity job market.


Events and Opportunities

If you're involved in startups, science, or music, do I have a great two weeks of events for you...

  • Tonight I'll be joining Flamenco/Jazz vocalist Fany de la Chica at Shapeshifter Lab for the release concert for her album "Dressed for a Sunday".
  • Monday, 6/4 New York hardwarians will convene once more for the (real) 49th Hardware Startup Meetup.
  • Tuesday, 6/5 The New York Tech meetup will be at Civic Hall to showcase some of NYC’s best civic and social good focused tech. There will also be an after party following the formal meetup.
  • Tuesday, 6/5 Did you know Asana had a NY office? Me neither, but they'll be hosting a mixer there to show off some of the new project management tech they've been working on.
  • Wednesday, 6/6 GRO-Biotech will be having a panel with alumni from the Insight Data Science program, an incredible career opportunity for anyone working in or interested in working in data science.
  • NYCEDC's SBIR Impact program will be at Mount Sinai for their next set of sessions introducing these unique federal grants for science-based startups. The intro program will be on Tuesday, 6/5 and the two-day intensive will be the following 2 days, 6/6 & 6/7.
  • Monday, 6/11 Sinai remains the place to be for biotech startups, hosting the next MABA 1st Pitch event.
  • Tuesday, 6/12 If you don't mind taking the PATH train, the New York BioPharma Networking Group will be convening again at Tap Haus.
  • Wednesday, 6/13 Biology on Tap goes island-hopping.
  • Wednesday, 6/13 Robot Lab is interviewing 2020 Presidential candidate Andrew Yang about the politics around robotics and automation. This promises to be a can't miss event!
  • MD&M East - the largest advanced manufacturing trade show on the east coast is happening next week at the Javits Center. In addition to the main event itself, there are lots of other related events and happy hours going on, so be sure to get on their mailing list!
  • The Sing for Hope pianos will be hitting the streets of New York City againfrom the Bronx to Staten Island and for most of the month of June

Map of the Month

The New York Times' map of the shadows cast by NYC buildings can help you strategically avoid, or embrace, the summer sun.


Odds & Ends

America's got no talent.