Magnitude and Direction, Issue #9 | 15 Jun 2018

Hardware, Prototyping, and Fabrication

👇 Turning your living room wall into a touchscreen is a surprisingly reasonable weekend project.

🔳 If a wall-sized touchscreen sounds too ambitious, you can also build your own Google Home-enabled smart mirror in about 2 hours.

🎴 Mitxela's stylophone business card is a thing of beauty.

➰ Carl Bugeja's PCB motor creatively builds coil windings into a 4-layer printed circuit board and creates an extremely slim profile for an effective electric motor.


Software and Programming

🌈 A crash course on color theory for people who code.

📸 NVIDIA's new AI can mash up the "style" of one photo with the content of another. It's kind of hard to explain, so just take a look at the results here.

👕 Make your own Forever 21 shirt slogans.

🖼 Once you're done using NVIDIA's AI to design your photos, this AI will tell you if the graphic design is good or not.


Science, Engineering, and Biomedicine

💃 The Macarena can save your life.

🔴 There may yet be (or have been) life on Mars. That might not be a good thing.


Mapping and Data Science

🌇 Check out how much the NYC waterfront has changed in the past 15 years. (Hint, it's a lot).

🗺 You wouldn't expect them to, but Uber has a suite of data mapping andvisualization tools available on GitHub.

⚽ You can wait a month to see who wins the 2018 World Cup, or you can let a computer simulate the tournament 100,000 times to tell you the winner right now. (Original paper here.)

💻 Skip the commute to the office; you'll probably be able to accomplish the same amount of tasks working remotely, plus you'll spend less time getting ready for, and commuting to, work.


Events and Opportunities

  • Tomorrow and Sunday If you like trains, history, and the beach, then the Brighton Beach Parade of Trains is for you!
  • Monday, 6/18 Think you know the secret history of New York? Find out at Caveat where five expert storytellers will be sharing secret histories about NYC. One of the stories, however, is a lie.
  • Tuesday, 6/19 Harlem meets Haarlem (in the Netherlands) for an international pitchfest. Three startups chosen from each country will pitch their ventures.
  • Thursday, 6/21 I'm pretty sure every other biotech-related mailing list has already shared this, but JLABS @ NYC will be having their opening reception from 6-8pm.
  • Sunday, 6/24 I'll be heading down to Philly to showcase my latest startup venture Proto-Sauce at the Philadelphia Mini Maker Faire. If you orsomeone you know will be around, stop by and say hi!
  • Futureworks NYC, New York's advanced manufacturing initiative has just launched Ops21 a series of advanced technology workshops focusing on advanced materials, digital manufacturing, and robotics. Learn more about all the workshops and register here.
  • The Sing for Hope Pianos continue through next weekend. Go find one and play it before they're gone for the summer!
  • Interested in branching out and getting involved in creative, cross-disciplinary collaboration? The Bridge residency program by the SciArt Center is just that, bringing together artists and scientists to create collaborative work that combines elements of both fields. Applications to the program are due July 2nd.


Map of the Month

Hurricane season has officially begun, which means its time to starting worrying about a hurricane hitting the NYC metro area and causing this worst case scenario.


Odds & Ends

🍫 From The Prepared, here's a gramophone made entirely of chocolate.